Klee makes happen a fusion of products made out of exclusive products such as leather, silver, Swarovski crystals and other precious minerals from all around the world with a special unique touch handmade.

Keilley Lee Marques is a Brazilian designer situated in Barcelona, with great passion about jewelry. She plays around with unique and carefully mastered shapes of jewels, using the prowess of each material to its fullest.

The art created by Klee also includes her ability to blend the materials full of emotion and character, such as river pearls, silver, crystals, leather and other precious stones.

The jewels made by Klee are meant to be simple by design, yet always showing the core of its foundation, which is a high quality of material. She stresses out the importance of handmade product and exclusivity along with limited editions.

Along with making jewelry, KLee offers different types of accesory for both male and female costumers, fullfilling their present and Cosmopolitan needs.